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The Keystone Of The Nursing Home: Nurses

Too often we report on the poor conduct of nursing home staff.  This video should be a reminder to the quality people working hard in nursing homes across the country to provide compassionate care to residents. Thank you.


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  1. Monica Goulbourne says:

    I am a nusrsing home worker (CNA) at the New Jersey Veteran’s Home of Paraus, I have been doing this for the past (18) eighteen years. I have to admit that with all the obstacles that goes with working at a job that is so physical and pays so little my only disappointment is the disrespect that is given to the care givers from patience, family members and most of all management and anyone whom believe they have a higher title thn a nurses aide. A nurses aide is told to always report abuse whenever they witness this happening to a residence but , believe me only if it accusee is a black or someone of minority ethnicity it is treated with priority. Plus when the word abuse is uttered (for some reason) people associate this with the direct care giver(nurses aide) On May 16, 2009 I witness a volunteer abusing a resident and spoke up about it and ended up getting retaliaton from management. Yes, I now have 7 days to serve due to my respect for doing the right thing. See people it is very often heard in the news about the nurses aide who abuse and automatically everyone expects to see a black person as the accuser, but if a black person is standing in the midst of the abuse and report the get retaliated aginst, because at the New Jersey Vetran’s home of Paramus being a nurses aide you are iliterate, and is less than a human being and so and so being treated as less than a person is fostered in this nursing home.I know of a fact this behavior is very prominent within nurising home community, and need to stop , which starts at the top with management. Is this nursing home the only one (State Facility) P.S. for anyone who cares I am not iliterate during my eighteen years of service I did go to school and obtain my B.S in Criminal Justice minored in Paralegal Studies Bus. Admin. and s presently persuing my Masters in Management (Criminal Jusitce)

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