Statute Of Limitations For Bringing A Nursing Home Lawsuit

“How long do I have to bring a case against a negligent nursing home?”iStock_000005971338XSmall

The answer depends on where the incident took place.  The time to bring a lawsuit against the a nursing home is governed by the statute of limitations where the incident occurred.  Most states have specific statute of limitations for personal injury and nursing home cases.  The statute of limitations can vary tremendously by jurisdiction.  Some states have statute of limitations as short as one year from the date of the injury and other states permit a cause of action to be brought up to eight years from the date of the injury.  Statute of limitations are strictly interpreted.  If you fail to bring a lawsuit within the statute of limitations you will be forever barred from recovery.

This underlies the importance of contacting an experienced nursing home attorney shortly after an incident occurs.  Further, in many situations it is important to file a lawsuit far earlier than the statute of limitations allow in order to determine all of potentially responsible parties.




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  1. tomek says:

    I worked at this facility for 10 years and the staff most often did not do their jobs. The neglect was both subtle and blatant. Residents were often roughly transfered and often times received bruises and skin tears. The administration was horrible and the building was chronically understaffed. The SAVA corporation refused to staff based on patient accuity and would cut hours and shifts regardless.
    State surveyors are also to blame. They refused to listen to my concerns/complaints. I was actually told once by a surveyor not to speak to him and that he would approach me if he needed a question answered.
    It’s been long overdue for this facility. This place has gotten away with too many things for too long.

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