Spotlight On Medicare Funding For Nursing Homes

The fact is, most nursing homes and other long-term care facilities rely insmall or large part on funding fromspotlight1 Medicare.  Most elderly do not have the assets to live in swank nursing homes that have maid service and four starchefs.  Part of the nursing home’s responsibility in accepting Medicare and Medicaid funding is that it must meet certain criteria and standards.

This article highlights how the Santa Rosa Care Center, in Tuscon, Arizona recently lost its Medicare funding due to its failure to protect residents from sexual abuse.  The article further reported that inspectors found residents at the facility to be in ‘immediate jeopardy‘.  ‘Immediate jeopardy’ is the term nursing home inspectors use to describe conditions that are so severe that they will not leave the facility until the condition is immediately addressed.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the article is the responses from the readers at the Arizona Daily Star.  Most responses to the article regarding the Santa Rosa Care Center ask for the facility to be immediately shut down.  In theory they are absolutely correct.  However, every response fails to address the fact that the poor still deserve proper care in a safe facility.

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