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Solution To Sex Offender Problem- Separate Them

Recent congressional testimony has highlighted the presence of sex offenders and other violent offenders amongst the general nursing home population. The American Health Care Association asked Congress to help improve the tracking of sex offenders and develop a definition of “sex offender” in an effort to improve residents’ safety.

Oklahoma State Representative Kris Steele, who recently spoke before Congress, has come up with a solution to ensure the safety of the elderly in nursing homes. Representative Steele has authored a bill designed to establish separate long-term care facilities for sex offenders. The state Legislature passed the bill and Oklahoma is currently seeking contractors to build a facility.  For further information on Oklahoma’s plan look here.iStock_000005973183XSmall1-1

This is a simple solution for an increasingly dangerous problem for our elderly.  Unfortunately for the more than 1.6 million people living in nursing homes, they have no choice as to who they live with.  Under the current system most nursing homes are ‘forced’ to accept any person who qualifies under the Medicare / Medicaid system–violent offenders included.

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  1. The Canuck says:

    why are these people even alive, they commit the crimes against the innocent, now require special treatment and once again inconvenience the innocent, plus cost the innocent taxpayer must foot the bill, plus all users of nursing homes must endure cut backs as we the innocent must suffer for a few, who should have been put to death in the first place. Too many bleeding hearts and a loud voice of the minority prevail there wishes upon us the majority. Death to all child molesters and drug dealers, problem finished, done, final, no more.

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