Short-Term Nursing Home Admission Proves Deadly for Patient

Nursing Home Patient Staying a Short While DiesNeglect is one of the leading causes of death for nursing home residents in the United States. Nursing home staff workers have a legal obligation to provide consistent care to residents. When staff workers fail to check up on nursing home residents, the residents ultimately suffer. Residents may develop pressure sores, illnesses, and disabilities, or suffer from malnutrition as a result of neglect.

If your loved one has suffered due to a lack of proper care in a nursing home facility, then it is up to you to take action. You should get in touch with an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer who can assist you in filing a complaint against the facility. Nursing home abuse attorneys can ensure that authorities pursue the appropriate action against the parties responsible for the care of your loved one.

Lack of Proper Care During a Recent Short-Term Stay

In a recent tragic case, a woman was placed in a Bloomington nursing home after receiving care in the emergency room. The purpose of placing the woman in the nursing home was so that she could receive rehabilitation care. In just a few days, the woman suffered from breathing issues and rapid weight gain due to neglect by nursing home staff workers. The woman was placed in the Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington, and staff workers failed to provide consistent check-ups on the woman. As a result, no one noticed that her health had rapidly declined.

Investigation by the Minnesota Department of Health

The Minnesota Department of Health investigated the circumstances behind the death of the woman. A report published by the Minnesota Department of Health stated that the woman’s health had not been adequately monitored. In addition, the report alleged that nursing home staff workers had failed to respond in a timely manner to the woman’s health complications.

The Response of the Nursing Home

When the woman’s condition worsened, family members were prevented from staying overnight with her. Under federal regulations, a nursing home has a legal obligation to provide a patient with the right of access to his or her family members. By preventing the woman with access to visitation from her family members, the nursing home was likely in violation of federal laws. Had the woman’s family members been allowed to visit with her, they may have been able to speak with the victim and record her observations about the neglect.

A Lack of Proper Reporting of Cases Involving Abuse and Neglect

The National Center on Elder Abuse reports that only one in 14 cases of elder abuse is ever brought before the authorities. One of the reasons for this low statistic is that family members may be unaware that a patient is the victim of abuse or neglect. They may also not be aware of the proper method of reporting an abuse complaint to the authorities.

Illinois legislators have sought to make the process of filing an elder abuse complaint much easier for family members. Family members and others will now have the opportunity to file elder abuse complaints by using an online system through the Illinois Department of Public Health. Elder abuse attorneys may also be able to assist family members in understanding the proper method of filing neglect or abuse complaints.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Elder Abuse Lawyers

It is important that you do not wait to call elder abuse lawyers when your loved one is a victim. It is necessary to take immediate action when a loved one is suffering from abuse. Putting an end to the abuse should be the forefront of your consideration, as well as ensuring the loved one receives proper care. You may have a claim for compensation on behalf of the life of your loved one. Contact an elder abuse lawyer today to learn more about the legal rights of your loved one.

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