Poor Nursing Home Care Subject Of Class Action Lawsuit Against National Nursing Home Chain, Extendicare

Extendicare, a nationally known provider of nursing home care has recently been named as a defendant in a class action lawsuit in Minnesota.  The lawsuit alleges that residents of Extendicare Services, Inc. and Extendicare Homes, Inc. engaged in false advertising unconscionable contracts for new residents at their facilities.

With respect to the claim involving false advertising, the lawsuit claims Extendicare deceptively lured elderly persons to their facilities, with advertising campaigns claiming the facilities would be able to provide the individuals with the care they need.  Extendicare’s brochures, staff, and website promoted the nursing homes ability to provide high-quality, skilled nursing care as well standards that exceeded those set by the government with respect to nursing homes.

Poor Nursing Home CareGovernment regulations require nursing homes and long-term care facilities to conduct a thorough assessment of individual and their medical needs at the time of admission.  In contrast, Extendicare’s nursing homes admission policies paid no to the individuals medical condition or the facilities ability to care for the individual. The needs of current residents were similarly ignored as the nursing home attempted to keep their nursing homes filled to the brim without regard to staffing levels or if certain residents required more care than others.

Another part of the class action lawsuit addresses Extendicare’s mandated admission contract that requires new residents and their families to limit their rights with respect to bringing a lawsuit against the facility for personal injuries or property damage.  The admission contract is in violation of Minnesota law that forbids nursing homes from imposing on residents constitutional rights.

Extendicare is on a role.  In addition to facing multiple fines for dangerous nursing home conditions and injury lawsuits in Wisconsin, the nursing home chain faces a similar class action lawsuit in Washington.  In Minnesota, Extendicare owned nursing homes consistently received a higher number of violations than the state average.

This multi-billion dollar corporation needs to be held accountable for its deceptive and injury-causing practices.  Unfortunately, there are many smaller, non-corporate owned nursing homes that provide poor levels of nursing home care.  If you believe, your loved one in in a situation where they are exposed to nursing home abuse or neglect, you should take steps to remove them from the facility immediately.

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  1. Jonathan Rosenfeld's Nursing Homes Abuse Blog says:

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    Ricky Hamilton, the husband of Kimberly Hamilton, has filed a nursing home negligence lawsuit against Kenwood Nursing Home and the facilities parent company, Extendicare in Madison Circuit Court. The lawsuit alleges the nursing home deviated from acce…

  2. susan says:

    Extendicare sucks. Dresher Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Dresher PA fills Medicare Bed Holds without resident consent, has several residents with active bench warrants for drug and firearm offenses. They do not care about their residents and staff(what little staff there is). RN’s are not in the facility at all times, it is dirty, smells and there is no infection control. HIV/AIDS, Hep C and B, C-Diff, MRSA, VRE, alcohol and illegal drugs. Horrible conditions. Good Lord, someone shut this place down!!!

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