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Patient Beaten To Death At Nursing Home With Long History Of Safety Violations. Should This Facility Really Be Considered A Skilled Nursing Facility Or Simply A Haven for Thugs?

Patient Beaten To Death At Nursing HomeMurder charges may soon be filed against 62-year-old Ardyce Nauden, after he beat brutally Andres Cardona at Chicago’s Columbus Park Nursing & Rehab Center.  The beating occurred after Cardona allegedly tried to take Nauden’s lunch. The August incident, resulted in Cardona being injured so badly that he was admitted to a hospital and placed on a ventilator.  Recently, Cardona died from his injuries.

By any standard, Columbus Park Nursing & Rehab Center fails to provide a safe environment for patients.  According to public records compiled in the Chicago Tribune’s Illinois Nursing Home Safety Report website, Columbus Park cares for a particularly troubled population:

  • Almost 1/3 of the patients at Columbus Park have been diagnosed with a mental illness
  • 32 convicted felons
  • Over 63% of the patients are under 65
  • 1 registered sex offender
  • 17 cases of reported battery amongst patients in 2009

No excuse for nursing home violence

In the case of Andres Cardona, the staff at Columbus Park certainly appear to be guilty of failing to supervise Ardyce Hauden around other patients after he had acted violently in the past.  When facilities continue to allow patients with known violent propensities to remain at a facility, there is an implicit understanding that they will take the necessary steps to protect other patients.

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