Nursing Home Workers Protest Over Safety Concerns

iStock_000006072953XSmallNursing home workers at Windsor Healthcare nursing homes are holding a demonstration today to protest resident safety.  The nursing home employees hope current resident safety issues will be corrected.  Federal surveys document over 360 health and safety violations at the Windsor Healthcare nursing homes.  Many of the violations stem from high staff turn-over and poor employee training.

While the facilities were accumulating safety violations, the facility owners were collecting substantial profits.  In 2006, Windsor owners profited over $2 million from just two of the eight facilities they own.

Many nursing home employees are substantially under-paid.  Many fast-food workers earn more than the people responsible for the care of our elderly.  Perhaps if the owners of the nursing home passed a small percentage of their profits along to nursing home employee as raises and to employee training some of the safety violations could be averted?

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