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Nursing Home Worker Gets Seven Years In Prison For Sexually Abusing Disabled Patient

Sexual Abuse of Disabled PatientTestifying through an interpreter and via spelling out words, a disabled nursing home patient convinced a New York City jury that her allegations of sexual abuse during her admission to a New York nursing home were indeed true.  Consequently, her former CNA Jose Ramos will face seven years in prison for his crimes.

The district attorney was summoned to prosecute the case after when a nurse at the nursing facility saw Ramos sexually assaulting the woman in her room.

As a nursing home lawyer, I was glad to see that justice had been served in this matter as sexual abuse is disturbingly common problem facing nursing home patients.  Unfortunately, too frequently I see these cases never get prosecuted due to the fact that many of the victims are profoundly disabled– or pass during the investigation of the matter.

I hope that other prosecutors see that case as an example of utilizing creativity to bring these sexual predators to justice.

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