Nursing Home Taking Recreational Care Too Far

Recreational Care in Nursing HomesThe East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in West Babylon, N.Y. has landed in some hot water after reports came out that suggest that the facility hired a male stripper to dance for the facility’s patients. The son of a resident found the picture of his mother (who is 86 years old) with a male stripper. The picture shows that the resident is putting money in the dancer’s underwear.

It is understandable that the residents’ family members were not pleased once they became aware of the incident. Mr. Youngblood alleges that when he confronted one of the employees at the facility about the racy picture, he felt that the situation was ‘laughed off.’ This led to Mr. Youngblood filing a lawsuit against the facility, claiming that his mother was degraded and humiliated.

More about the patient

The patient, Bernice Youngblood, has been a resident at the nursing home facility for five years before the the incident happened. She is also currently suffering from dementia. According to the court documents filed by her son, Bernice Youngblood was placed in imminent, offensive physical harm. The suit also alleges that the woman was both bewildered and confused as to why a muscular, barely clad man was placing his limbs and body all over her. The suit also alleges that it was the staff that urged Bernice Youngblood to place the money in the dancer’s pants.

The rebuttal from the defense

Howard Fensterman, the lawyer for the nursing home, suggests that it was the residents who decided to hire a stripper in the first place. According to Fensterman, a 16-member panel of residents agreed to pay the $250 that it would take to get the stripper to perform at the facility. In the same breath, Fensterman suggests that when it comes to the overall incident, there was nothing inappropriate about it.

Remember this

Regardless of what we think of patients hiring strippers, it is important to remember that those patients who reside in nursing homes are already in a vulnerable state – both mentally and physically. This makes them easy targets when it comes to something inappropriate and exploitation. Despite the fact that some family members are saying that their family members were happy about the situation and were in fact enjoying themselves, it still does not seem like a smart move to make.

Even if the residents did agree to hire the dancer themselves, it is still important to remember that people who place their family members in these types of facilities have certain expectations. While it is impossible to speak for everyone, it is doubtful that most people would want these types of things happening to their parents and/or grandparents, let alone have the situation documented on film.

At best, this is a serious lapse in judgment by those responsible for the facility. At worst, it could be a trial that nets the Youngbloods millions of dollars in damages.


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