Nursing Home Sued Following Death Of Resident In Fall

The family of a woman who died following a fall in a nursing home has filed a lawsuit against the facility alleging the fall caused the woman’s death.  According to the lawsuit, Ferris McCarthy, a 79-year-old was a resident at the Sunrise Care and Rehab nursing home fell numerous times while a resident at the facility sustaining multiple injuries including: weight loss, dehydration, malnutrition, constipation, infection, a perforated bowel, and ultimately her death.  The lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages from the nursing home and the nursing home’s parent company, Sun Healthcare Group. Technorati Profile

Death Of Resident In FallWhen evaluating whether to bring a nursing home negligence lawsuit, it is important to examine all potentially culpable parties.  Many nursing homes appear to be small, independently owned facilities.  An examination of the corporate books including filings with the Secretary of State, and the state and federal agencies is required to determine if there are multiple owners.  All responsible parties should be named in the lawsuit or you may lose your right to recover from them.  In some states, such as Illinois, you may also name the individual owners of the nursing home in a lawsuit.

Sunrise is a large corporation that operates nursing homes, long-term care facilities and hospice programs throughout the country.  There currently 25 Sunrise facilities operating in Illinois.

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