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Nursing Home Staff Does Nothing To Stop Known Molester From Assaulting Disabled Woman

A female resident at the Grace Living Center in Edmond, OK  was recently assaulted by another resident with a known history of molesting other patients.  According to reports, the victim was admitted to the nursing home only 14 hours prior to the incident.  Making the matter worse is that the victim was disabled from a medical condition and it impossible for her to defend herself from the attacker.

Nursing Home Staff Does Nothing To Prevent AssaultThe nursing home staff waited for orders from a supervisor before removing the disabled woman from the dangerous situation.  After the woman was removed from the area she received medical treatment for various injuries and bleeding.

Making this incident all the more disappointing was the fact that the alleged perpetrator had a history of similar attacks.  Staff at the nursing home told, Oklahoma Department of Health Investigators that the man, ‘liked to go into women’s rooms who couldn’t call for help.’  In fact the nursing home documented two incidents in the days prior to this attack when the same man was observed groping disabled nursing home residents.

The nursing home staff immediately removed the bed linens and clothing from the room when this incident took place and sent them to the laundry before the police or health department were notified.

The district attorney’s office is considering filing criminal charges against the alleged perpetrator for this sexual assault.  The real blame for this incidents rests squarely on the shoulders of this nursing home for not doing enough to prevent violence amongst its residents.  Perhaps the district attorney should consider criminal charges against the nursing home administrator for allowing a known sexual predator to have access to disabled nursing home residents.   At the very least, filing criminal charges against sex assailants and nursing home management makes the public aware of these dangerous situations.

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  1. Phyllis says:

    My mother was in Grace Living Center in Norman a couple of years ago. Her neck was broken while she was at the facility and I have not been able to find out to this date what happened to my mother.

  2. randy boyd says:

    my father died of the worst bedsore i have ever seen due to the staff of the grove nursing center grove father was only at the facility for approx.three weeks.the sore on his heel was so bad you could see the bone.they had a full foot bandage on him when the bandage was removed the smell was so bad you couldnt stand dad died two days later from the infection.i have pictures that will make you sick!!!

  3. Randy-
    Please accept my condolences for your loss. Certainly, the fact that your father developed this pressure sore during such a short admission is concerning a indicative of poor care. If your family elects to pursue legal action against this facility, your photos will be an important piece of evidence, so I encourage you to keep them in a safe place.
    Best regards,

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