Nursing Home Spotlight: Galesburg Terrace

Galesburg TerraceThe August 12, 2010 survey completed by Illinois Department of Health personnel paints a disturbing picture of the care provided to patients at Galesburg Terrace nursing home in Galesburg, IL.  In particular, major safety problems were found with patients who require tracheostomy and/or ventilator care.

Observation of patients and individual charts revealed a facility teetering on the edge of disaster with vulnerable patients continually not receiving the skilled nursing care set forth in their care plans and as prescribed by their doctors.

Amongst the surveys disturbing findings:

  • Patients’ oxygen levels going unmonitored resulting in dangerously low oxygen levels
  • Staff failing to monitor patients on ventilators
  • Delayed suctioning of patients with fluid build-up in their lungs
  • Dislodged tracheostomy tubes
  • ‘High risk’ patients placed in ‘intermediate care’ settings at the facility
  • Medical complications never communicated to patients physicians

After reading through the survey of Galesburg Terrace, it is apparent that staff at the facility are both inadequately trained to treat patients who require specialized care and there are simply too few of them in the first place.

On several occasions surveyors requested confirmation of certain staff members credentials with respect to specialized care– yet the licensure and certifications were never provided.

An interview conducted with an employee at the facility confirmed that some nights only one nurse was available to care for an entire wing of patients at the facility.  In particular, during the earlier morning hours staffing levels were so thin that it was physically impossible for him to provide the necessary care to all of his assigned patients.

By the nurses own admission the staffing levels were ‘unsafe’ as many of the patients he was caring for could ‘crash’ at anytime and there would be no additional nurses available to assist.

As a result of the findings in the August 12, 2010 survey, the Illinois Department of Health issued a ‘Type A’ violation and a $25,000 against Galesburg Terrace.

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Galesburg Terrace, August 12, 2010 Survey (PDF)


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