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Nursing Home Patients Suffer Due To Low Prioritization Of Staffing Needs

Prioritization Of Staffing NeedsResidents of nursing homes aren’t the only ones fighting against the lack of proper care and attention that far too many residents in nursing homes receive today. In Illinois this past Wednesday, nursing home caregivers / employees protested outside of fifty different nursing homes across the state, fighting for improved wages and working conditions. This push for better conditions for residents and employees is not only designed to improve the caregivers’ quality of life, but also to improve the quality of care that nursing home residents receive.

Despite a law that was passed in 2010 increasing the standards of care that must be met in nursing homes, statistics still show that a large percentage of nursing homes are understaffed, resulting in thousands of nursing home residents suffering from abuse or neglect as a result each year. Because many nursing home caregivers state that the homes in which they work are understaffed, have insufficient resources, and do not pay caregivers enough, some residents are being subjected to dangerous conditions and receiving improper and inadequate care. This can lead to the following:

  • Bed sores
  • Malnutrition
  • Psychological trauma
  • Physical injury

Although many residents are not neglected out of malicious intent, the repercussions remain the same for those subjected to less than satisfactory nursing home conditions. Fortunately, the thousands of nursing home employees picketing last Wednesday realize this and began fighting for improvements to be made. Those protesting stated that the individuals running the nursing home make significant profits, more of which should be funneled back into the homes themselves, thus allowing improvements in staffing and care to be made.

According to the Service Employees International Union, nursing home residents and their families have reached out to the union seeking help to improve the poor conditions that are all too prevalent in nursing homes across the country. By combining the efforts of residents and caregivers, many hope to reform nursing home standards and increase the quality of care residents receive. However, until necessary reforms are made, many residents may be subjected to nursing home abuse or neglect and will need the assistance of local nursing home abuse lawyers to get the help they need.

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