Nursing Home Ownership Affects Resident Care

Resident Care Affected By Nursing Home OwnershipThe biggest predictor in determining resident care is the owner of the nursing home according to the Salt Lake Tribune.  Of 91, Utah Nursing Homes studied, the article detailed how, many problems start at the top and ‘trickle down to the lax administrators and nursing directors,’

Majestic Care, the owner of several Utah Nursing Homes had repeatedly scored low during state inspections.  The owner of Majestic Care was difficult to discover.  Once a nursing home receives a poor inspection score, owners may change the name of the facility in order to deceive potential residents and avoid ridicule. While most nursing homes scored well in inspections regarding of compliance, about one quarter of the facilities had a ‘dismal track record loaded with medical errors, neglect and mismanagement.

Tracking the owners of nursing home facilities proved difficult.  Names of problematic facilities are quickly changed making discovery of the current nursing home owners difficult if not impossible.

For laws related to Utah nursing homes, look here.

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