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Nursing Home Operator And CNA’s Named As Defendants In Civil Lawsuit After Sex Abuse Scandal

After the well publicized abuse of elderly patients at the Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Minnesota, some of the patients who were victimized have filed a civil lawsuit against the nursing home and the individual nurses involved.

Prosecutors have already filed criminal charges against two young woman who tormented many of the Alzheimer’s and dementia patients they were responsible for caring for.  The criminal investigation revealed that these derelict CNA’s were repeatedly abusing Good Samaritan patients over a six month period in 2008.

Nursing Home Operator And CNA’s Named As Defendants In Civil LawsuitWhile employers are generally not responsible for the intentional acts of their employees, lawyers for the nursing home patients will argue that the abuse instituted by the nurses continued for such a long period that the nursing home knew or should have know of the sexual abuse taking place at their facility.

Given the fact that many of the young women who were involved in this situation were 18-years-old, I find any argument by the nursing home operator that these women were acting on their own and did not require supervision laughable.

As a lawyer who has represented victims of sexual abuse, I find these “I didn’t know” arguments made by employers heartless and insincere.  I’ll bet that if these young women were working a cash-register at this facility and were regularly taking money from the company coffers, the company would have stopped their conduct a lot quicker!

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