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Nursing Home Fails To Alert Patients To Admission Of Convicted Child Molester

“No, we don’t divulge that to family members.”

Convicted Child Molester in Nursing HomesWas the response given by Laura Holbrook, a social worker at Lake Worth Nursing Home, when questioned about the facilities decision to keep the facilities new patient, Boyd Mullens– a convicted sex offender– unannounced to patients and their families. Mullens will live freely amongst the other patients at Lake Worth after being transferred there due to medical problems from a halfway house.

60-year-old Mullens was convicted of sexually molesting teenage boys and has been identified by authorities as a sexually violent predator.  Despite his age and fragile health, experts believe offenders, such as Mullens are capable of committing another sex offense.  “If I said there was no danger, I would be lying,” said counselor Ezio Leite.  “Anytime a civil commitment client is in a facility then everyone would be aware of who they are and the danger.”

Sexual Offenders Living In Freely In Nursing Homes

Hundreds of convicted sex offenders are freely living in nursing homes around the country– most of the time without the knowledge of other patients, families or staff.  The admission of the sexual deviants is perhaps of the most extreme example of nursing home owners quest to keep their facilities full and maximize profit.

Despite an outward appearance that many of these people are incapable of harming others, we continually learn that their criminal tendencies are not mellowed by age.  Nursing home patients have a right to live in a safe environment– free from all types of abuse.  Patients and their families should demand to know if the facility they trust is home to sex offenders.  Most states maintain sex offender databases where the physical address of the nursing home can be input as a search factor to verify patient safety.

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