Nursing Home Cleared Of Neglect Charges In Case Where Resident Had Maggots In His Eyes

A shameful tale of a nursing home neglect recently was reported in Florida.  As amazing as this sounds, the Florida Nursing Home was cleared of criminal neglect charges by the Florida Attorney General when a nursing home resident was found to have maggots in both eyes.

The Attorney General, investigating the case blames their inability to prosecute the case on the lack of physical evidence available.  “There was no way to pin down the origin of the maggots,”  according to Sandy Copes, communication director for the Florida Attorney General.  Further hampering the attorney general’s ability to bring charges was the fact that no physical evidence could be collected from the resident’s room as it had been cleaned by the nursing home.Senior Resident Had Maggots In His Eyes

For those unaware, maggots are the larval form of a fly.  In this case, the nursing home obviously allowed a number of flies to accumulate in this residents room.  The nursing home also allowed the flies to lay eggs in the patients eyes.  I certainly appreciate a prosecutor who is hesitant to bring charges because of a lack of evidence, but even without the physical evidence, it certainly seems like a strong case could be made against this nursing home for criminal neglect.  Who else is to blame for maggots in a nursing home resident’s eyes?

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