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Nursing Home Bookkeeper Admits To Stealing Money From Facility

Sadly, at a time when many are feeling severe financial strain, some nursing home operators and employees are turning to another source of potential income– stealing state and federal funds intended for nursing home patients.

Nursing Home Bookkeeper Admits To StealingThe most recent case of stealing or Medicare fraud– which is essentially what most of these cases come down to because that is where most funds derive– comes from Missouri.  Connie Jean Beckerman, the former bookkeeper at Perryville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, pleaded guilty to: forgery, stealing by deceit, and abuse of a person receiving health care– all felonies.

The criminal acts were perpetuated between September 2007 and October, 2007 put more than $14,500 in Ms. Beckerman’s pocket.

While Ms. Beckerman’s profit may seem like small potatoes, these criminal acts must be fully prosecuted to the fullest extent possible in order to deter other acts from occurring at the facility and others.

Read more about this case of financial fraud in a nursing home here.

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