Nursing Home Aide Sexually & Verbally Abuses Residents

Sexual & Verbal Abuse in Nursing HomesMinnesotans have a reputation for being kind, compassionate people.  However, several employees in Minnesota nursing homes are doing a fine job trashing the state’s reputation.  After, the reports of abusive teenagers at Good Samaritan Nursing Home, a new report of nursing home abuse by a nurses aide has emerged from a different Minnesota Nursing Home.

The allegations involve one nurses aide who reportedly abused six nursing home residents afflicted with dementia, over the course of several months earlier this year.  According to the Minnesota Health Department, the nurses aide reportedly:

  • Stuck a finger in the cancerous vulva of a resident until she screamed
  • Intentionally dropped a resident from four feet
  • Tossed stuffed toys on the floor in front of a resident who thought the toys were her children
  • Gave lap dances to two male residents
  • Slapped a female resident in the face after the woman called her an offensive name

The nursing home abuse was witnessed by another nurses aid at the facility for several months before the abuse was reported to the administrators.  Minnesota, like many states, has a vulnerable-adult law that requires nursing home workers to report suspected maltreatment to the nursing home administration where they work. Obviously, this nursing home needs to re-educate its employees as to their legal responsibilities to their residents.

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