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Nursing Home Abuse: Texas Nursing Home Worker Caught Punching Resident

Nursing Home AbuseCan someone please let me know what drives a person to physically abuse a defenseless elder? Is it empowering?  Is it done out of frustration? Does it just feel good?

Out of Texas, Lufkin Police have arrested a certified nurses aide (CNA) in connection with an episode of abuse witnessed by co-workers.  The incident took place on March 22, 2009 at Castle Pines Health and Rehabilitation Center. Apparently, the CNA took an 80-year-old CNA into her room, closed the door and began striking resident.

Staff at the facility were alerted to a potential problem when the resident activated a call light by the bed.  When staff arrived to check on the situation, they witnessed the CNA striking the resident.  A closer inspection of the situation revealed the resident’s blood spattered on her bed.  Bruises were also observed on the resident’s arms and legs.

Shortly after she was confronted by co-workers, the CNA admitted to ‘popping the victim.’

Currently, the CNA is out and about in the community as she posted the necessary $5,000 bond shortly after she was taken into custody.

For more information on nursing homes in Texas look here. For laws related to Texas nursing homes, look here.

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I guess the CNA involved in this incident missed orientation?

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