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Nursing Home Abuse: Janitor Accused Of Sexually Exploiting An Alzheimer’s Patient

 Nursing Home AbuseI was sickened to see another report of a janitor at the MediLodge Nursing Home (Michigan) who was caught by his co-workers sexually assaulting a patient at the facility.  Perhaps the only positive aspect of this episode of nursing home abuse is that the man’s co-workers immediately reported the incident to the police.

Presently, the janitor remains in police custody and formal charges will be forthcoming.

Episodes such as this serve as a reminder that we all need to be looking after all nursing home patients— even those we may never suspect may be victims of sexual abuse. Hopefully, when the dust settles on this investigation, we will learn that the that the timely acts by the nursing home staff protected the safety of other patients at this facility.

For laws related to Michigan nursing homes, look here.

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