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Nursing Home Abuse: Hidden Camera Catches Nurse Yanking The Wheelchair Of A Disabled Patient

If you think ‘nursing home abuse’ is simply a term of art, thrown into headlines for the purpose of getting attention– think again.

Below is an actual video of a nurse seemingly intentionally yanking the wheelchair of a disabled nursing home patient.  The yanking of the chair caused the patient to fall to the floor and fracture her hip.

Hidden Camera Catches Elder AbuseShould there be any question regarding the intent of the nurse, I think the fact the that nurse lets the patient lay on the ground as she seemingly goes about her tasks certainly reinforces the fact that she has little regard for the patient’s well being.

What I find almost as appalling as the act itself, is the fact that other nursing home employees seemingly circulate around the injured woman as she lays on the ground in pain.

The video resulted in criminal charges including: endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person and willful violation of health laws.  Perhaps similar charges should be brought against other worker who delaying in obtaining medical treatment for this woman?

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