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Nurse Facing Criminal Charges After Intentionally Neglecting Ventilator Patient

Perhaps Abiodun Oke should be shoveling asphalt or a similar occupation where a person’s compassionate side is not necessarily crucial to the job?

On the other hand, as a licensed practical nurse (such as Mr. Oke)— or really any profession responsible for caring for the elderly– I would suggest have substantial dose of compassion as they are the ones who are responsible for providing the daily care necessary for some of the most fragile members of society.

Criminal Charges After Intentionally Neglecting Ventilator PatientThe reason I suggest that Mr. Oke look for a more physical type of work is that he faces criminal charges relating to the neglect of an 81-year-old Pennsylvania nursing home patient.  In addition to suffering from dementia and pneumonia, the patient was also ventilator dependent.

Specifically, it is alleged that on August 13, 2009, Mr. Oke intentionally walked out of the room of a ventilator patient he was responsible for caring for and refused to re-attatched her ventilator tube.

The incident was reported to authorities and nursing home management by a respiratory therapist at the facility who witnessed the incident and stepped in to reattach the patient to the respirator.  When confronted by the respiratory therapist, Oke said, “I connected her twice, now I want to see her suffer” as the patient began to turn blue from the lack of oxygen.

In addition to the testimony from the respiratory therapist, prosecutors also have a video showing Mr. Oke in the hall of the facility.

Surely, criminal issues aside, the world would be better off without people like Mr. Oke responsible for providing hands-on care to such a vulnerable group.


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