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Not All Non-Profit Nursing Homes Operate Under With Patients Best Interest In Mind

iStock_000008924336XSmallMany families of nursing home patients have been lead to believe that ‘non-profit’ facilities provide better care that their ‘for profit’ peers.  As we recently discussed, studies do generally confirm that non-profit facilities provide superior levels of care.

Nonetheless, if you ever need a reminder that every facility– regardless of its tax status, must be evaluated on an individual basis, take a look at this article from the Palm Beach Post.

The Post article chronicles how Maxcine Darville, managed benefit herself and her family to the detriment of the patients at her facilities.

As the CEO of the Okeechobee Council on Aging, Darville managed to reel in an annual salary of $404,000– more than two times the state and federal average for CEO pay at non-profit nursing homes.  Ms. Darville’s company operates Glades Health Care Center and The Riverfront Nursing and Rehabilitation Center– two nursing homes with a poor records for providing quality care to their patients.

Despite obvious safety violations at Darville’s facilities, the Post’s investigation clearly determined that she has little interest in investing money for facility improvements.  Among the Post’s findings:

  • Assistant CEO, Joanne ‘Jody’ Watson (Darville’s daughter) was paid $200,000 plus $23,000 in expenses from two councils in 2007.  In 2008 she received $160,000 for her work.
  • The director of maintenance, Gary Watson (Darville’s son) was paid $118,000 in 2007.
  • Darville spent more that $30,000 in personal expenses.  She receives $1,200 per month from her company to board an unnamed ‘visiting executive’ in her residence.
  • The Okeechobee Council on Aging proudly lists a woman who has been deceased for more than two years.

Medicare’s Rating:

Riverfront Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Glades Health Care Center


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