New York Nursing Home Workers Removed After Abusing Disabled Patients

It always surprises me how many people wind up working in jobs that they are completely unsuited for!  While many of these people may later gravitate towards jobs that may be a better fit, it usually does come with any harm to people.

Nursing Home Workers Removed After Abusing Disabled PatientsNot in the case of two women have been removed from their position at Northgate Health Care Facility (NY).  Nursing assistant Alicia Clemens and her co-worker Gloria Maxwell were both removed from their position at the nursing home and similarly banned from working in other nursing homes by the New York State Health Department.

Their discipline comes in response to an incident in which Clemens ad Maxwell coerced two elderly and impaired patients at Northgate into the same bed and attempted to convince them that they were husband and wife.  One of the patients involved suffered from dementia and the other was diagnosed with mild retardation and schizophrenia.

The incident was recorded on security cameras at the facility.

Hmmm, now while Ms. Clemens and Ms. Maxwell obviously have no business caring for the elderly, I’m struggling to think of viable employment alternative for them.  Can you?

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