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More Information About Patient Care In Metron Nurisng Home

We recently discussed how the Metron Nursing Home in Allegan was losing its Medicare and Medicaid funding due to multiple violations in patient care.  Now, more information has come to light about the the Michigan Attorney General’s investigation and the forced sale of the facility.  Two nursing home residents at Metron of Allegan died after nursing home workers failed to administer oxygen.

The incidents follow a similar 2005 incident when, Sarah Comer died at the Metron of oxygen1Big Rapids. The death of Comer lead to a lawsuit against the nursing home.  In the course of litigation, allegations of nursing home workers covering up Ms. Comer’s death began to surface.  The workers were alleged to have conceived of a story to suggest that Ms. Comer died from caused unrelated to the negligent administration of oxygen.

The facility was recently found to be in violation of 11 safety violations partially consisting of:

  • Failure to provide oxygen, resulting in two deaths.
  • Failing to prevent resident-on-resident physical and sexual abuse.
  • Failing to investigate a resident who eloped from the facility.
  • Failing to provide pain medications prescribed by doctors.

Prior to losing its Medicare and Medicaid funding, Metron has has ample warning to correct the consistently poor care served to its residents: Metron has been under state oversight for two years, fined over $300,000.00 for heathcare citations and had its facility in Kalamazoo closed when inspectors found serious violations relating to patient care.  It seems that for the good of all residents at Metron facilities, they should be shut-down for good.

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