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Lets Award The Under-Acheiving

Iowa Governor’s Quality Care In Heath Care Industry Three out of seven nursing home featured in the 2008 Iowa Governor’s Quality Care In Heath Care Industry have numerous violations from federal and state authorities.  The three facilities have been cited for problems in meeting minimum health and safety requirements and have been cited by state inspectors for medication errors, failure to follow physicians’ orders, unsanitary conditions, or failure to treat serious problems, such as broken bones.

Some of the ‘award winning facilities’ also had violations for failing to provide the prescribed amount of food to residents; unsanitary food service; failure to lock a medication cabinet in the unit for mentally impaired residents; failure to verify that two nurse aides had proper training; and six fire-safety violations.

The above safety violations are not minor nor do they require a savvy investigator to determine the nature of the violations.  Rather, these facilities demonstrate the need to do an on-site visit before placing any loved one in a nursing home.  Read more about the Iowa ‘award winning’  facilities that  fail to  meet  basic safety standards here.

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