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Lawsuit Blames Extendicare For Poor Care Of Nursing Home Patient

Extendicare  Poor Care Of Nursing Home PatientA lawsuit brought on behalf of a former resident of an Extendicare nursing home in Kentucky alleges that the operator’s corporate negligence is responsible for various injuries that developed during her admission.  In addition to naming Extendicare, the lawsuit further alleges that the nursing home administrators and individual staff members are responsible for the patients injuries.

According to a report in the Richmond Register, the patient identified as Elise Harvey, was a patient at Fir Lane Convalescent Center (also referred to Richmond Health and Rehabilitation Complex-Kenwood) for approximately three months during which time she suffered:

  • Falls
  • Abrasions
  • Pressure sores
  • Medication errors
  • Over-medication
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Pneumonia
  • Urinary tract infections

In addition to general negligence, the lawsuit further alleges that Extendicare violated the applicable laws that control nursing home care in Kentucky.  Both compensatory and punitive damages are sought.

Corporate Negligence

Many cases involving patient injury or neglect can be traced back to a conscious decision on the part of the parent company to operate the facility in a particular way.  As a nursing home lawyer, I see cases where there may be a complete disconnect between the needs of the patients and the desire of the nursing home owner to extract maximum profit from a facility they may view as a cash machine.

Because decisions regarding important issues such as staffing levels and training are usually made by the corporate owner, it is usually imperative to name the corporation in nursing home abuse lawsuits.

For laws related to Kentucky nursing homes, look here.


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