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Just Take It. The Nursing Home Law Center’s 1st Survey.

Nursing Home Law News's 1st Survey.I am overwhelmed by the generosity of blog readers who contribute their time to offer advice, criticism and comments on many issues we routinely discuss relating to nursing homes around the country.  Thank you!  I have put together a survey to try to quantify some of these topics.  Please take a few minutes to answer this survey. The survey will be available for the next week.  Be sure to check back as we review the results.

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0 responses to “Just Take It. The Nursing Home Law Center’s 1st Survey.”

  1. Keep up the good work! Much more needs to be done to continue to expose the abuse and terror going in Chicago Nursing homes, and subsidized housing.
    It’s going to get a LOT WORSE soon as well –
    George M Weinert V

  2. Barbara Brown says:

    How do we get the word out that there are long term care/skilled nursing consultants to help set up systems to educate, identify and prevent abuse/neglect? My concern is-let’s be proactive and prevent rather than reactive after the occurance. Staff do not seem to identify problematic behavior until it is too late and someone has been abused/neglected.
    Management must take this very seriously. If they don’t, staff will not. It must be a priority. Monitoring how cases are handled establishes trends that can then establish educational objectives and programs.
    This problems is out of control and health care establishments do not know where to turn for help.
    I work very hard with my clients to identify exactly where the problem lies and how systems can be establidhed for correction.

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