Jury Awards $2.1 Million To Family Of Dead Nursing Home Resident

$2.1 Million To Family Of Dead ResidentA Texas jury found CLC Richland Hills nursing home and its medical director responsible for the death of a 79-year old woman.  The woman entered the facility for rehabilitation following a fall.  During the course of her stay, she developed a urinary tract infection which went untreated by the nursing home staff.  Not only did the staff fail to follow proper protocol to prevent the urinary tract infection (uti), it also over-medicated the woman.  The staff admitted they ‘dropped the ball’  to state nursing home inspectors.

The woman’s family will not collect much from the judgment.  According to the families lawyer, Geno Borchardt, ‘bad nursing home operators and doctors who get overextended, its hard to hold them accountable.’

In addition the fact that a woman died needlessly, this story demonstrates the importance of mandatory insurance coverage for nursing homes.  In the instant situation, the nursing home owner was obviously making plenty of money as he owned 70 nursing homes.  Yet creative business planning and an antiquated system allows him to avoid paying a judgment for the death of his resident.

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  1. Brenda Smith says:

    I need some advice on my father who is living in a nursing home. He just fractured his leg due to the staff only having one person to transport him from his bed to his chair. He fell against the wall and as he went down he heard his leg snap. The ER doctor had to set it. This is the second time he has suffered. The first incident is when they neglected to take care of a pressure sore, it went into gangrene. He ended up losing half of his heel and the infection is in the bone, he is currently undergoing hyperbaric treatments. Is there anything I can do to stop this neglect?
    Desperately seeking your help in Texas.

  2. Jonathan Rosenfeld says:

    The care your father is receiving is simply inexcusable! The fact that your father is repeatedly injured at this facility is likely due to the fact that there are systematic problems. If possible, you may want to seriously consider relocating your father to another facility. Also, you may consider reporting these incidents to the regulatory agencies within Texas. Here is a link to the Texas Department of Adult Protective Services:
    Lastly, from the description of your situation, your father may also be entitled to pursue a claim or lawsuit against the facility.

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