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Jail Time For CNA Who Posted Photos Of Nursing Home Patients On Facebook

facebookSome people have no business working in a nursing home.  After reading a news report about Nai Mai Chao, I think I would certainly add her to the list.

In her role as a CNA at Regency Pacific Nursing Home and Rehab Center in Portland, OR, Ms. Chao was obviously privy to many personal situations involving patients at the facility where patients trust that she would not share.

Violating the inherent sense of trust (not to mention every privacy law applicable to health care facilities) Ms. Chao elected to share personal photos taken of her patients with the world when she posted various photos of her patients and the contents of bed pans on her Facebook wall for the rest of the world to see.

Thankfully, after standing trial for charges related to invasion of privacy, a jury found her guilty and Ms. Chao was sentenced to eight days in jail and ordered to prepare a 1,000 word apology letter to her patients.  Additionally, she is forbidden to work with around children and the elderly for a period of two years.

Given the ease that patient information can be easily copied and dispersed on mobile devices I hope that episodes such as this serve as a reminder for facilities to reinforce their privacy policies with staff to avoid future episodes of embarassment and harm to patients.

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