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Injury in a Nursing Home – Why a Personal Injury Claim Should be Considered.

Personal Injury Claims in Nursing HomesThis article is a contribution by trusted UK personal injury claims specialist, My Compensation.

If you’ve sustained a personal injury, even in the best of circumstances, it’s a difficult thing through which to go. A nursing home is somewhere you should feel safe, secure and looked after and sustaining a personal injury somewhere like this can be particularly traumatizing. If you were hurt through someone else’s negligence, a personal injury claim is a commonly considered course of action. Nursing home staff are supposed to be looking after you and creating a safe environment and personal injury claim law protects you in this respect. It’s essential that you feel safe in this environment and if negligence has been experienced, a personal injury claim should at least be considered. In this article, we’re going to cover the main reasons why personal injuries due to negligence or abuse in a nursing home should mean a claim is started.

Personal Injury and the Psychological Ramifications.

As mentioned, a nursing home is somewhere you should feel safe, at ease and cared for. This is especially true when considering that either you or your family is likely to be paying a considerable amount of money for you to have precisely that piece of mind in such an environment. This feeling is often ruined if an injury was sustained in such an environment. Feeling under threat in any way is traumatic whether the personal injury was suffered through negligence or assault. In situations of the latter, the activity that was being done at the time the personal injury will create a difficult association. A personal injury claim would mean that you could afford to seek professional help to get through the experience. In such instances, a personal injury claim could lead towards a considerably more balanced and happy stay.

A Personal Injury Claim Will Affect others at Your Nursing Home.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. Whether in the place of work, a public place such as a supermarket or a nursing home, people will be negligent in their safety procedures. Many fail to live up to the health and safety standards of which they are fully aware. This means personal injuries claims are often made and if you’ve experienced one in a nursing home, a personal injury claim will force the hand of the operators into making the necessary changes to make the environment safe. In addition to receiving the compensation from your personal injury claim, you’ll be helping to create a safe environment for others and ensuring that there will be less personal injuries there in the future.

How Much Compensation to Expect for a Successful Personal Injury Claim.

For anyone considering a personal injury claim, a number of questions come to the surface and the amount of compensation that they might win is a common one. There are three predominant factors that contribute to this figure. The first two are intertwined and they are a combination of the severity of the injury sustained and how important the body part injured is. For example, a hairline fracture would be considered less serious than a multiple break and damage to your toe would be considered less serious than damage to your head. Secondly is a question of liability. Specifically, the percentage of blame that can be clearly placed and the offending party due to the level of negligence. Sometimes, ‘contributory negligence’ means that the claimant might have been partially responsible.

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