Improperly Placed Feeding Tube Results In Systemic Infection Of Disabled Nursing Home Patient

Improperly Placed Feeding TubeThe mother of a disabled woman at a Southern Illinois nursing home has filed a lawsuit against the facility for its failure to properly insert a feeding and subsequent complications including systemic infection.

The recently filed nursing home negligence lawsuit names Rosewood Care Center of Alton and related parties for their role in an October, 2009 incident in which a nurse at the facility improperly inserted a feeding tube in the patient.  The incident was not timely recognized by staff at the facility which eventually enabled a systemic infection to take hold and required extended hospitalizations.  This case is pending in Madison County Circuit Court.  You can read more about this nursing home negligence lawsuit here.

Infections related to improperly placed feeding tubes

With a sizeable contingent of patients who require feeding tubes to provide their nutrients, nursing homes need to train staff on how properly tube feed patients, keep the tubes clean and identify potential complications if they arise.

Most feeding tubes are designed so the nutrients (usually a specifically designed formula) are deposited into the stomach where the body can digest them.  In situations where the patients feeding tube becomes dislodged or leaks, some of the formula can enter the abdominal cavity where the body has no way of processing it.

When formula remains in the abdominal cavity for extended periods, an infection may result.  If the infection is not identified early on, the patient may be at risk for the progression of the infection throughout the body known as sepsis.  Unlike most localized infections, sepsis is a very aggressive type of infection that must be treated with intravenous antibiotics or the body may shut down.

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