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Illinois Attorney General ‘Cracks The Whip’ At Violent Criminals Living Amongst Nursing Home Patients

Shesshh…. Don’t let the violent offenders living amongst innocent nursing home patients in Illinois know that the Attorney General and local police agencies may soon be hunting them down!

Seriously, as Illinois gets ready to introduce new nursing home safety bills, law enforcement facilities have announced a renewed push to track down unregistered felons, sex offenders and parole violators.

Illinois Attorney General ‘Cracks The Whip’Illinois’ officials are really stepping up their focus on nursing home safety after a series of newspaper articles highlighted the how Illinois nursing homes house a significant number of young patients with psychiatric records — including more than 3,000 with felony records

As a nursing home lawyer who has represented nursing home patients who are the true victims of this situation, I certainly applaud any effort to make nursing homes safer.  The people are in the best position though to help ensure the safety of nursing home patients are the owners and administrators of these facilities.

While I am hopeful that the new scrutiny Illinois nursing homes have been under will improve patient safety, my guess is that until we begin to impose more responsibility for patient safety on the shoulders of nursing home owners and operators, the string of nursing home violence will continue.

Read more about the new safety push in Illinois Nursing Homes here.

For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.


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