High Staff Turnover Rates Plague Many Nursing Homes

Turnover Rates Can Lead to Problems in Nursing HomesIn Illinois and the greater U.S, a constant problem plaguing nursing homes is the high turn-over rate of staff members. When a nursing home facility is understaffed, the care of patients tends to suffer. Staff workers cannot devote themselves fully to patients. They may not have time to provide bed changes, bed transfers and one-on-one time with patients. Nursing home residents also may suffer neglect in regards to their nutrition or medicinal needs.

Nursing homes are at risk of losing staff members when they fail to provide the training or compensation that these workers require. All too often, nursing homes attempt to save money by allowing staff members to work without the proper training. Staff members may become frustrated due to their inability to adequately address the needs of patients. They may also quit their jobs due to frustrations caused by working over-time or physical exhaustion.

Iowa Nursing Homes Lose Numerous Staff Members

A recent research study indicates that Iowa nursing homes are at a particular risk of losing staff members. Every year, nursing homes tend to lose at least 40 percent of their staff members in Illinois. This data was collected by the Iowa Department of Human Services.

Those nursing home facilities that are able to retain staff members have special practices in place. They tend to be patient-focused, and employees feel like their jobs matter. Employees feel like a personal connection with patients and are dedicated tot heir care. These nursing home facilities tend to lack a “corporate feel” where profits are the sole concern.

The Advantages of Low Turnover Rates

When nursing homes have low turnover rates, this means patients can develop better relationships with their caregivers. Employees are able to provide better care for the patients that they watch over. They are also able to maintain institutional knowledge about the best practices involving in caring for nursing home patients. When a facility has a high turnover rate, there is a risk that this institutional knowledge will be lost.

Injuries of Patients Go Undetected

In nursing facilities that have high turnover rates, injured patients may be at risk of having injuries go undetected. A busy staff worker may not notice that a patient has fallen and received serious bruises, a broken bone or a concussion. If a patient’s injuries go undetected, he or she may suffer from a worsened condition or even death. It is vital that nursing home facilities attempt to maintain a low turnover rate of employees.

Creating Incentives for Nursing Home Employees

About 25 percent of all nursing home workers do not receive any health insurance. They also receive a median pay of about $11.50 an hour. Nursing facilities that aim to improve their work environments may want to consider increasing the pay rate for employees and also providing health insurance options. Nursing home employees will likely leave a position if they are able to secure better employment that also provides benefit options.

Preparing Employees for the Profession

Nursing home facilities need to adequately prepare employees for the realities of the profession. Many workers are not informed of the hard work that being a staff employee entails. They may not be aware that they must physically lift patients or assist them with movements. Nursing home facilities need to make sure that employees are well-informed and also well-trained. It is vital that facilities invest in the training of employees.

Improving the Care of Loved Ones

If you have recently placed a loved one in a nursing home facility, it is important to be aware of the quality of care that he or she receives at all times. You should make an effort to be attuned to the care that he or she receives from staff workers. If you notice that a facility has a high turnover rate, then this may result in increased instances of neglect and abuse. If you are already facing issues in regards to the abuse or neglect of a loved one, you can contact Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers for the assistance that you require.


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