Hidden Camera Reveals Caretaker Abuse By Nursing Home Worker

When will cameras become standard issue in nursing homes and assisted living facilities?  Amongst many elderly who are unable to effectively communicate, the only way of ‘catching’ abusive situations is via surveillance cameras.

A camcorder left in a patients room caught Jason Lynn Pearl abusing two residents at Silver Lake Care Center.  At the time the abuse took place, Pearl was working at the nursing home.  Two co-workers saw the videotaped abuse and reported the situation to authorities.

Pearl now faces two counts of felony abuse by care taker and is being held by authorities on $100,000 bond.

About Silver Lake Care Center

Silver Lake Care Center

All residents of Silver Lake Care Center, will be forced to moved from the facility by the time it shuts its doors on June 5th.  The Oklahoma nursing home is owned by Eddie Martin.  Martin owns five other nursing homes and assisted-living facilities in Oklahoma including:

  • Pleasant Springs In Colcord
  • Cimarron Pointe Care Center in Mannford
  • Coweta Manor Nursing Home in Coweta
  • Glenpool Health Care Center in Glenpool
  • Rolling Hills Care Center in Catoosa
  • Sequoyag Pointe Living Center in Owasso
  • Shawn Manor Nursing Home in Ponca City

Coincidentally, each facility Martin owns has 32 security cameras mounted in the facilities.  Martin apparently monitors all cameras from his home.  I guess he can’t monitor all of the cameras?

Read more about this case of nursing home abuse in an Oklahoma Nursing Home here.

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0 responses to “Hidden Camera Reveals Caretaker Abuse By Nursing Home Worker”

  1. Jason says:

    In many situations involving abuse of nursing home residents, the problem lies with severely inadequate training of staff by both the nursing home management and the educational institutions that granted the certification. The staff are frequently unable to manage patients with dementia and other conditions that affect the behavior of the resident so the staff respond very poorly
    While I agree that video cameras should be mandated and more importantly that employees should be informed that they are always on tape, the staff also need to be properly trained to handle patients with psychological issues.

  2. Jonathan Rosenfeld's Nursing Homes Abuse Blog says:

    District Attorney Endorses Use Of Video Cameras In Nursing Homes

    A friend tried to lure me into a trip to Vegas by emailing me a link to a live video camera mounted poolside at a swank hotel. Did it work? No, my wife is still not so understanding when it…

  3. Janis says:

    I suspect my 80 year old mother is not being treated well in a nursing home plus people are stealing her clothes which I launder myself and they are replacing them with old clothes and have started putting labels in them to look like I labeled them. However I can tell the difference. They lost over $2000.00 of her clothing over the past 3 years which were labeled.Unfortunately I hadn’t kept the receipts for them and I was letting the nursing home wash her clothes because I am disabled. Can I legally put a hidden camera in her room to try and catch the thieves? If so what kind do you reccomend? She has a regular analog TV in her room but I do have a VCR I could take up there. My mother has severe dementia and can’t speak very well. I also found a bottle of hot sauce in her room one day and her eyes were very red. I spoke to her nurse about it.I want to make sure my mother is not being abused plus catch the thief who is stealing her new clothes. I appreciate any and all advice you can give me.

  4. Janis-
    Before you begin to explore high tech options you may want to bring your concerns to the attention of the nursing home administrator to explore possible resolution.
    Secondly, you may want to contact your local ombudsman or state department of health. Many times these agencies can effectively resolve concerns without legal proceedings or more drastic measures. Good luck!

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