Health Care Company Rips Off State By Providing Less Skilled Workers To Care For Ventilator Patients

Criminal charges have been filed against Barbara Currin, the owner of Ometta Vent Care Services. The criminal charges come after a patient Currin was responsible for caring for, tipped off state officials she was not receiving the medical care that the state was paying for.

Less Skilled Workers To Care For Ventilator PatientsThe tip initiated an investigation by the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Attorney General.  Both agencies concluded that Ometta was not keeping up its end of the bargain in proving skilled nursing services for vent patients.

According to Attorney General Lori Swanson said, “The nursing facility deprived patients who are very in need of health care of which they were entitled and then number two bilked tax payer of the a lot of money.”

State investigators further determined that Ometta was proving poor care to their patients.  A June, 2008 investigation revealed 9 licensing violations relating to inadequate training and supervision.

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