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Guilty Plea From Nurse Accused Of Abusing Tennessee Nursing Home Resident

Joyce Stanley plead guilty to assault of a blind resident at the Etowah Health Care Center. Ms. Stanley’s McMinn County Court appearance follows an investigation by the Tennessee Department of Health regarding allegations of Stanley’s alleged abuse of a blind resident.  “A resident was hit with a clipboard and incontinence pad and the information was reported to the senior person on duty where there was a delay in reporting the matter,” said Andrea Turner of the Department of Health. Ms. Turner also notes the investigation revealed Stanley slapped and pulled the hair of the resident.

Tennessee Nursing Home Resident AbuseFollowing the investigation, Etowah was fined $1,500 by the Tennessee Department of Health and ordered to complete a plan of correction and stop admission of new residents.  “Based on the investigation and the report it has been determined that conditions at the facility either are, or likely to be detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of residents at the facility,” Turner added.

Ms. Stanley’s sentence for her abusive treatment is one year in jail.  However, according to a court clerk, Ms. Stanley will only serve 30 days and the remainder of her sentence will be probationary. Ms. Stanley was fired from her position at Etowah immediately after this incident was discovered.  As to the nursing home worker who ‘delayed’ reporting the abuse— hopefully he or she has been removed from the facility before there is another ‘delay’ in reporting abusive treatment.

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