Government Prosecution Of Kentucky Nursing Home Comes After Facility Has Long Battled Similar Negligence Claims

Government Prosecution Of Kentucky Nursing HomeThe Kentucky nursing home at the heart of a recently filed False Claims Act lawsuit, based upon billing patients for ‘worthless services’ has apparently faced similar claims brought by patients’ families in a civil setting.

It seems like the Feds maybe a little late to the party?

As reported by, Carespring Health Care Management, the parent company of eight nursing homes in Ohio and Kentucky, has been called out for providing poor care to patients in the past.

According to court records, two out-of-court settlements were made between a Kentucky branch of the nursing home and families of patients from the facilities who filed lawsuits following their injures to their family members during admission to the facilities.

Further, Carespring’s inadequate care had been documented by CMS (Medicare), with with 7 of 8 facilities receiving poor ratings for staffing based upon the time nurses spent caring for each patient.  Similarly, three of the Carespring facilities received just one out of five stars as their overall rating– a clear indicator of sub-par care.

As the False Claims Act lawsuit moves forward against Carespring, it will be interesting to see if the recently lawsuit by the government is enough of a motivating factor to improve care at their facilities.  By the look of the facilities past track record, it doesn’t look like there was much motivation to give patients quality care.

The False Claim Act lawsuit, filed by federal prosecutors, seeks to recover $16 million from the nursing home and its individual owners for providing worthless care to patients— yet seeking full reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid.

For laws related to Ohio nursing homes, look here.

For laws related to Kentucky nursing homes, look here.

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