Government Funding Pulled On Dangerous Nursing Home

The Green Meadows Health Care Center in Louisville, Kentucky has lost its Medicare and Medicaid funding after repeatedly putting their residents at risk for danger and not investigating resident injuries.  No specific act of wrong doing is cited in the denial of government funding.  Rather, the nursing home  has received numerous type ‘A’ citations.  Type ‘A’ are the most serious and are dealt out when a nursing home resident’s safety is endangered.

No Funding for Dangerous Nursing HomeNursing homes rely almost completely on government payment to operate.  Once Medicare and Medicaid funding is lost, most nursing homes must close their doors.  Most nursing homes rely on government funding for 80-90% of their budget.

The situation at Green Meadows demonstrates the importance of making complaints regarding dangerous nursing home care.  Making a complaint with your state regulatory agency not only helps with determining the cause of nursing home abuse or neglect, but it also creates a record for future use  in screening facilities by others.

Facilities that receive ongoing complaints are subject to having their licenses pulled and government funding withheld.  If you believe that a nursing home in your area is putting the safety of residents at risk, look at the link here to learn to file a complaint against the facility using your state’s nursing home ombudsman and investigators.

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