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Gimmie All Your Money. Now Get Out.

Pay for Elderly CareMark this post.  Look at this news story from New Jersey.  A year from now this will be a common theme amongst nursing homes and long-term care facilities throughout the country… we are seeing just the beginning of this trend to make nursing homes and long-term care facilities as profitable as possible in the face of slimming budgets and corporate ownership.

Its no secret that Medicare and private-pay residents are far more lucrative for facilities that Medicaid recipients.  As budgets for nursing homes and long-term care facilities begin to tighten and people live longer than ever, it only a matter of time before facilities evict those less lucrative residents.

Now facilities can not order you out of the facility on a whim.  Strict removal protocols must be followed.  If you believe that the facility evicting you based on your economic situation, you should contact your state ombudsman immediately.

For additional information view our New Jersey nursing home law page.


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