For Mama’s Sake, Sign The Petition To End Nursing Home Abuse.

Amy Quaintance Vega’s great-grandmother was beaten to death by another resident with a violent history.  Since then, Amy has taken it upon herself to spread the word of not only what happened to her great-grandmother, but to help improve nursing home safety for others.  Here is her well-written petition.  Please take a moment to show your support for this case and sign the petition to end nursing home abuse.

Petition To End Nursing Home Abuse.

On November 9, 2006, my great-grandmother, Bernice Mayeaux, was brutally beaten to death inside of the Pontchartrain Health Care Center in Mandeville, Louisiana. Karoline Glover, who had a violent history at the center, used the handle of a drawer to repeatedly hit Bernice. The day before she murdered Bernice, she struck a resident with her fist during a dispute over a cup of coffee. Instead of confining Karoline Glover to an isolated section of the home, the staff decided to move her into the room of a bedridden, ninety-five year old woman. Recovering from a broken hip and complications from a viral infection, Bernice was unable to move nor call for help during the time of the attack.

This horrific incident has produced an outpouring of support, sympathy and concern from people all across the country. The signatures below are proof that the people of the United States share the same common cause: ultimately ending abuse in nursing homes and protecting those who are unable to protect themselves.

We, the people, are demanding that, first and foremost, this “health care center” be extensively investigated and dealt with accordingly, in order to ensure that the health and well being of the residents are of top priority.

Lastly, we are dissatisfied with the quality of care that these insufficient establishments are administering to their residents. We insist that you, our Representatives, enforce rigorous laws that include, but are not limited to:

  • Protecting the well being of the residents in the homes
  • Strict and unwavering expectations of those employed at the homes
  • Implementation of thorough background checks, not only on all employees of the nursing home, but also on all potential residents of the nursing home.
  • A fully staffed establishment at all shifts where the ratio of caretaker to resident is one that can allow the resident to be in complete care and comfort at all times.
  • Quarterly inspections from the state. The results of the inspections must be posted on the nursing home and state website, allowing all potential residents the opportunity of gathering as much information as possible. Should the nursing home fail any component of the state inspection on a quarterly basis, it will be made public.
  • Last but not least, providing a clear and concise mission statement that all nursing homes are expected to abide by. The following declaration is a direct quote from the Pontchartrain Health Care Center: “The mission of our staff is to offer the highest quality of care for our residents within a clean, safe environment.” You can arrive at your own conclusion, based on the testimonial provided, whether or not this establishment stood by and supported their main cause and purpose.

The day of awakening for those who provide care for the elderly, particularly those whose family members have entrusted such care to be provided, is long overdue. The voices of those who find themselves in such helpless and uncontrolled situations are begging to be heard. Please allow this petition to serve as a united voice whose conviction is to demand and implement change as it relates to all issues surrounding nursing home care.

For more information on nursing homes in Louisiana look here. For laws related to Louisiana nursing homes, look here.


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  1. Dev Meyers says:

    My mother suffered for 2 1/2 months in multiple hospitals, emergency rooms and one nursing home with a system-wide misdiagnoses resulting in (among other things) an unreported fall in UPMC’s Heritage Shadyside Nursing Home. At the time she was unable to talk. Obviously they were confident in covering it up. She was sent to the nursing home with a misdiagnosis of Epstein Barr. Everyone (actually 95% of the population) has antibodies that test positive for Epstein Barr. There was a system-wide failure of multiple doctors and multiple UPMC facilities to consider the fact that my mother had a 20-year diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The failure across the system to consult with her baseline neurologist was not the only problem that she suffered. Her final diagnosis was MS Exacerbation. During the 2 1/2 months of misdiagnosis mom suffered many losses and tradgedies. One was an unreported fall at Heritage House nursing home which resulted in an undiagnosed and untreated fracture of her arm. We would like to retain a medical malpractice attorney – to judicate that and in reality the entire sutemwide errors. However the medical malpractice attornies have educated us. Sadly, we have found out that if you are over 50 years old, it is not profitable for the med mal lawyers to take the case – even if you have a valid case. This is clearly discrimination of the insurance companies against the elderly.
    On of the things I have noticed about my mother, and this may be an attribute common to her generation, is that she wants to remain low key.
    In her case, if we were to contact the media – television and newspapers – the citizens of Pittsburgh would be appalled because her brother was the most famous person in Pittsburgh. She suffered these damages the year he died – while she was in mourning. While she was lying unconcious in the hospital he was being honored as the most famous man in the Burg and ultimately recieved the man of the year award by the Pittsburgh Steelers, etc.
    UPMC discriminates against the elderly. That fosters am environment that discriminates based upon actuarial tables and their confidence that no med mal attorney will invest in small cases.
    I think it is past time for a class action lawsuit to change this grossly unfair situation for the elderly.


    Thank you Jonathan for your efforts on helping my family. Youre efforts will one day be rewarded :).
    This means more than words can say.
    Thank you.

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