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Following Discovery Of Injuries In Centenarian, Authorities Initiate Investigation Of Abuse At Nursing Home

Tennessee authorities are now investigating what appears to be tell-tale signs of nursing home abuse following the hospitalization of a 100-year-old woman.  After the centenarian was admitted to the hospital with severe hemorrhaging, broken ribs and pressure sores, the hospital contacted the local police department as well as the Tennessee Adult Protective Services.

Prior to her hospitalization, the woman was a patient at Boulevard Terrace Nursing Home for treatment related to a fractured femur she sustained prior to her admission.

Injuries In Centenarian Nursing Home PatientAs authorities look into this patient’s suspicious injuries, the woman’s family has relocated her to another facility.

Most states have laws that require health care workers who are in contact with children or the elderly to report suspicious injuries to law enforcement agencies immediately for further investigation.  I have seen many cases of suspected mistreatment that get timely reported actually get verified through the diligent efforts of law enforcement.

In addition to determining the perpetrators, investigations completed by police, health departments and other applicable agencies has proved especially helpful in prosecuting nursing home abuse and neglect cases from a civil standpoint.  Many of these initial investigations prove crucial in the successful resolution of claims and lawsuits.  As a result, I encourage all families who suspect improper care to report the situation to authorities as soon as feasible to begin the investigative process.

For laws related to Tennessee nursing homes, look here.


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