What Does It Take To Make It to The List Of the Worst Nursing Homes?

 Worst Nursing Homes?A Deer Park, Cleveland nursing home has made it onto a federal watch list due to significant nursing home violations.

East Galbraith Health Care Center

The East Galbraith Health Care Center is a 140-bed nursing home facility in Cleveland, and there was a time not so long ago when the facility was one of the most respected in the area. That all changed in 2012 after three consecutive inspections uncovered significant transgressions as well as an unwillingness to conform to the requirements put forth by the inspector after the first two violation-plagued inspections. The federal watchdog group was aware of the nursing home after the second inspection and put it on the watch list after the third.

What It Takes to Be on a List of Worst Nursing Homes

Making it onto the federal watch list is not easy to do, and it does not occur due to minor violations. The violations at East Galbraith Health Care Center, however, were significant, and the inspector found more deficiencies than the national average and twice as many than the state average. The severest infraction was the centers unwillingness to report a sexual assault by a male patient on a female patient to police.

The Federal Watch List

Most nursing homes that receive Medicaid or Medicare receive an inspection each 12-15 months, but once a home has made it to the list, they receive inspections every six months. In addition, if there is a current complaint for which progress is being tracked, an inspector might come on an even more frequent basis. The goal of the federal watch list is to assist states as well as provide countrywide consistency to a process that has not always been effective.

A Growing Concern

Although better efforts are being made to regulate nursing homes, nursing home violations are still on the rise. In fact, East Galbraith Health Care Center is not even the worst nursing home on the federal watch list. If you are concerned that a family member or friend is being mistreated in a nursing home, there is help available. Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer, and they can help you navigate the process, and if there have been violations, they can help you to sue for damages.

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