Family Of Attorney Who Fought For Justice Of Those Wrongfully Accused, Now Seeks Restitution From Nursing Home Where Father Was Abused

By all accounts, Attorney Don Brown was the kind of guy I sure would have liked to know.

As a smart and tenacious lawyer, Mr. Brown stood up for the little guys to make sure justice was done.  In the most well-publicized case he worked on, Mr. Brown exonerated Clarence Lee Brandley St., was was wrongfully charged, convicted and sentenced for murder.

Restitution From Nursing HomeEven after he received well-deserved recognition in the Brandley matter, Mr. Brown continued to serve the less fortunate in the community by representing those whom he believed deserved zealous representation.

Despite his legal accomplishments and community recognition, Mr. Brown found himself in situation many accomplished people find themselves in– in a nursing home.  It was at the Willis Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (Texas), where Mr. Brown met his demise.

According to Celia Brown (Mr. Brown’s daughter), within a mere several weeks at the facility, his physical and mental condition deteriorated so severely that Mr. Brown needed to be hospitalized.  Ms. Brown alleges that Willis Nursing and Rehabilitation Center mistreated her father in several respects:

While Ms. Brown’s allegations against the nursing home can be proved (or refuted) in court, I appreciate hearing about news stories, such as this, because it is important for us to remember that most people living in nursing homes today lived incredibly full and vital lives.  It is also a reminder that we need to stand up for this group who may be incapable of advocating for themselves.

For more information on nursing homes in Texas look here. For laws related to Texas nursing homes, look here.

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He did a tremendous job on our case and I can see why he's earned the praise he has from clients and peers.