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Failure To Keep Bed Elevated To Blame For Nursing Home Patient’s Death From Aspiration Pneumonia

Importance of Bed Elevation in Bedsore PreventionThe failure to follow basic doctor’s orders is to blame in a recently filed wrogful death lawsuit filed by the family of a patient in a Florida Nursing Home.  William Foster’s family claims that Miracle Hill at Miracle Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was negligent when they ignored orders to keep the head of Mr. Foster’s bed elevated.  The failure to elevate the bed resulted in Mr. Forster’s feeding tube becoming backed up and filling his lungs with fluid.  Ten days later, Mr. Foster died from aspiration pneumonia.

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Aspiration Pneumonia

Aspiration pneumonia occurs when you aspirate foreign matter (usually food or vomit) into your lungs. Elderly adults are particularly susceptible to aspiration pneumonia because they are more likely to suffer from predisposing factors (including illness or disease that compromises the ability to swallow) or they might be too weak to cough, which can let foreign material enter the windpipe, allowing bacteria to enter the lungs. This can result in severe lung infections, which can require hospitalization, especially in older adults who are already weak because of age, illness, or disease.

In order to prevent aspiration pneumonia, doctors may recommend several precautions including keeping the head of the patients bed elevated at a position of 30-45 degrees in order to prevent the patient from choking on the feeding liquid.

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