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Elder Abuse: Violence Among Elderly Nursing Home Patients

William McDougallThe L.A. Times is reporting on the death of a nursing home patient that was the result of his roommate beating him with a hanger rod from a closet.  The incident allegedly occurred at Palm Terrace Healthcare Center in Laguna Hills, CA.

Investigators are currently investigating why William McDougall (pictured) fatally beat his 94-year-old roommate Manh Ban Nuyen.

Sadly, violence amongst nursing home patients is more common than we would like to think.  While some violence occurs without any advance warning, many violent acts are the result of ongoing problems at the facility.

While I have no insight into the tragic situation above, nursing home staff need to keep track of all patients and assess which patients are both prone to committing violent acts and similarly protect those who are especially vulnerable.

When facilities fail to take preventative measures after threats or other violent incidents, they potentially open themselves to liability from the resulting acts.


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