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Despite Abuse, Family Fights To Keep Mom At Nursing Home

Family Fights To Keep Mom At Nursing HomeWe recently discussed the case of a woman repeatedly abused by staff at an Ohio nursing home.  The abuse was confirmed via a hidden camera placed in the woman’s room at Prentiss nursing home, part of the MetroHealth Medical Center.

As a result of the abusive care, numerous employees were disciplined or dismissed from their positions at the facility.

After recovering from her injuries at a nearby hospital, the woman was set to return to Prentiss– but it appears as though the facility doesn’t want her.  Rather, citing the families dissatisfaction with the care of their mother (oh, but why?), administrators have scheduled to move the woman to a different nursing home.

Unfortunately, the proposed nursing home is no gem either.  According to news reports, the proposed facility record includes 11 violations over the past three years and a consistent stream of lawsuits stemming from allegedly inferior care.

I certainly emphasize with this families difficult decision of where to put their mother. Having worked on a cases involving similar fact patterns, I always recommend that the family strongly consider moving their loved one from the problematic nursing home.

Though it may appear to be easier to keep a family member at a nursing home that is comfortable for all involved, if— and when– a lawsuit against the facility gets pursued the decision will surely be second guessed.  Defense lawyers love to place blame on family members for all types of care-related decisions.

Can you hear the defense lawyer’s closing argument now? “You obviously want the best for your family.  If we were doing such a poor job caring for your mother, why on earth did you bring her back?”

For laws related to Ohio nursing homes, look here.

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