Elder Abuse: Captured On Video At California Facility

The California Department of Social Services revoked the residential care home license from Fair Oaks Care Home.  The revocation comes after the family of a patient at the facility came forth with a hidden video demonstrating staff abusing the elderly patient.

Elder Abuse Captured On VideoIn addition to abusive living conditions, the state further alleges that the facility was unfit to care for patients due to:

  • Fire code violations
  • Improperly disposing dirty needles
  • Forging prescription
  • Dispensing expired prescriptions

Sadly, the abusive conditions in the video were not discovered until after the death of the woman at the facility.  Though the woman’s death is still under investigation, an autopsy did determine that there were potentially toxic levels of narcotics in the woman’s system and the presence of other medications for which a physician never prescribed.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is dedicated to safeguarding elders in all living arrangements.  If you believe, your family member has been mistreated or abused in a nursing home, assisted living facility or group home we would honor the opportunity to speak with you to discuss your potential claims.

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